I am more confident and more willing to put my head above the parapet. I believe the organisation is getting more value from my strengths and experience

Our Thoughts on Coaching

Certainly coaching is increasing in popularity, but what does it really mean, and how do you tell if it's the right thing for you?

  • Our role as coach is to help you to consider the decisions that are open to you, the potential impact of these and the skills/behaviours and courage you may need to make change.
  • A confidential programme of meetings, working on business focused outcomes the individual identifies at the start. You set the agenda.
  • The initial contract or agreement between one of us as a coach and you lays out the objectives and the ways of working. Your line manager or sponsor is party to this as they have an ongoing responsibility to support you and provide feedback to assist in your development.
  • You can trust and confide in your coach with complete confidence.

The balance of understanding, theory and practice in your work is just right and I come away from every meeting feeling very motivated. I have a much better appreciation of myself and others

Is Coaching the Thing? - Things to Think About

  • Why do you/others think coaching is the answer? What will it really achieve - how will it add value (versus other alternatives)?
  • How would the culture support the coaching? What constraints are there? (Money, travel, ego. etc).
  • What are the possible alternatives to external coaching supply? e.g. a frank exchange of views!
  • How many individuals will likely request/need coaching? Is there any economy to be gained?
  • How will the coaching offer be managed internally e.g. who decides eligibility? Budgets? Source of supply?
  • Will your/the individual's line manager be involved and supportive?
  • What relationship is required with the coaching supplier, and how will you both measure success?

Coaching Ethics

  • We are members of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and follow their guidelines in our coaching practice.
  • Our coaches receive regular 'coaching supervision' from an independent supervisor to ensure we in turn are well supported, and follow best practice.

Examples of coaching assignments:

  • A Director who was working on interpersonal skills and relations at Board level. The individual didn't find it easy to acknowledge his negative impact on others, or to manage his frustration constructively when things didn't go his way. After his coaching programme his colleagues noticed him starting to accept other perspectives and being more willing to listen. He became more credible and his peers began to accept and use his expertise... ultimately he was able to influence a promotion.
  • Coaching for the head of a European support function to develop cultural and structural change, to a more proactive and commercial way of working. The individual lacked the skills and breadth of business knowledge to influence key decisions. During the coaching programme she learned how to read the environment and the competition, etc. to develop her knowledge of the network and sector. She developed an understanding of organisational politics and began to use this and other influencing skills to enable strategic change.
  • "It wasn't as calamatous as I thought!" This was an individual who lived in a negative frame, having sleepless nights over KPI's. He believed that his peers were performing so much better than he and was concerned to what extent his ability and skill was valued by others. Over time with his coach his awareness of the power of more positive language is increasing. He is growing into promotion and is believing more in his value. He is delegating and trusting others, which is freeing his time to start to help shaping the organisation. At a recent conference (which he would have previously avoided) he recognised how much notice the CEO took of his opinion.

The coaching process allowed me to evaluate me, to step back from my working and personal environment.

My God, coaching works!

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