This is why we work with you - we get a different perspective, creative ideas and added value. It's always challenging and different to work with you.

Examples of our Consulting Work

DHL - Radical Overhaul of UK Express HR Service

  • Everyone knew that the current structure and service was not effective or efficient... but how and where to start was a challenge. We began with research into the current model of HR services in the operation.
  • We developed a proposal for radical change. The hard stuff including changing roles, reducing headcount and very different skills mix. To make it work we had to change structure, policy, process and people.
  • We had 6 months to deliver financial and humanitarian results!
  • We delivered significant budget reductions.
  • It's early days yet, but the feedback now is that "It's really starting to work".
  • Delivering a better service to managers, in a more cost effective way, and with a more fulfilling and structured career path for HR professionals.
  • We felt like we lived there but the client's budget was 40 days.

Coyle White Devine - Solicitors of Distinction

  • The challenge? How to grow a small business without losing the elements that have made it successful?
  • We worked with the team and their internal and external customers to understand what it is that makes the company different - what makes both the business and individual leader successful, how they deliver service and what is so important to their clients, that adds real value.
  • The next phase of work became devising and managing a recruitment process that looks for the skills, values and behaviours for the next generation of Coyle, White, Devine.
  • 100% strike rate so far... high performers who have complimented the existing team, and enabled the opening of another regional office.
  • 5 days consultancy to research and design the process.

Lane Clark Peacock – growing pension success

  • A successful, growing, well established pensions actuarial firm, LCP provide clear impartial advice on pensions, governance and investment
  • In order to support their growth the firm were keen to develop a more transparent, explicit and consistent foundation for recruitment, talent development and performance management
  • We worked with the firm over a fifteen month period to develop tailored competencies (known as the Qualities) for each department within the business, and additionally where they were required the supporting technical skills for each level within the department too

The process provided:

  • A simple framework of five qualities for each department, with easy to use bespoke levelled indicators that capture the essence of the job: the key skills for success
  • Consistency across the firm as well as tailoring to be applicable to each area
  • Fully engaged, consulted teams who understood the purpose and steered the content
  • Partner support and involvement at every stage
  • Coverage for all client facing and support functions
  • Integration into the performance review process, and now recruitment and development too

Pickfords - IT Leading the Way

  • The redesign of a pan-European business systems function that was past its sell by date and providing hit and miss transactional support
  • Assessment of people, changing roles and increasing levels of resource
  • True business partnering, with early involvement, real business understanding, and joined up thinking
  • 15 days consultancy

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