You were brilliant. You should have been stretchered off at the end of the project, you worked so hard. You were extremely agile and adaptable, in picking up what was happening and changing the format to suit

Examples of our Facilitation Work

Sellafield Ltd

A newly formed Directorate and team, who had a number of goals including:

  • Team development, developing knowledge and trust
  • Defining the narrative for the goals of the division
  • Identifying how the team would work best together - internally and with key partners who are critical to success

The resulting away day was

  • Branded and themed for ongoing reference and meaning
  • Funny, engaging and energising
  • Elevating, intimate and informed
  • Productive and efficient use of time in bringing together strands of thought and knowledge to offer clarity and consistency
  • Cost just 2 days design and delivery.

Excellent in terms of meeting my objectives for the day, getting the pace right and bringing out the best in each of us – superb

The Carphone Warehouse and the Phone House - A European Union

  • HR Directors from across Europe have the opportunity to benefit from working together, combining consistency across the Group with local needs and best practice
  • Design and facilitation of an event to find the balance between information provided to participants and a chance to work together on future focused business issues
  • Sensitive and responsive facilitation to provide value to all - taking into account variation in market size and cultural differences
  • Four days work for the research, preparation, design and facilitation

How to Choose and Use Facilitators - What we Suggest you Consider

  • What is to be done? Why must it be done? When and what will it cost?
  • How creative and challenging the event is to be?
  • What kind of experience participants should have?
  • The measurable outcomes and process objectives for the event e.g. about learning to work and communicate better.
  • The cultural setting and how this impacts on the style of the individuals involved.
  • The level of existing knowledge and experience of the individuals involved and how they learn?
  • Any tensions or frustrations that might be barriers to learning and ongoing progress?
  • How will you evaluate the impact of the event? Was it worth it?

You ask the tough but really important questions

It is no exaggeration to say that this was the best training I have been on. You have a wealth of experience and knowledge, able to answer even the most obscure questions with factual examples and confidence

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