Just Who?

We are experienced (some might say seasoned) HR and Training professionals. You really need to meet us to know us, but here's a sense of what is important to us.

The core team are well connected and bring in other experts when required.

Jane Woodhead

Jane Hughes-Payne
  • I engender trust in people, and I passionately care about helping people to make changes and move forwards.
  • I quickly understand situations and know how to change them.
  • I am focused, take my work very seriously, and have a lively sense of humour.
  • I am brave, I tell it as it is, and I often surprise people.
  • My style is described as direct and energetic, with honest and constructive feedback.
  • I enjoy 'knotty' problems in organisations, where there is no one right answer.

Ginny Leppenwell

Ginny Leppenwell
  • I love Learning (yes capital L) about learning; because it stimulates curiosity, it can be fun, and helps us all see things differently.
  • I'm quite partial to an irreverent approach to 'rules' and 'norms': revolution!
  • Together we can liberate options - mental space for exercising choice.
  • I like trading ideas and experiences - a partnership of possibilities.
  • I relish challenging cynicism and scepticism e.g. you can't teach an old dog...
  • I'll encourage you to take a walk on the wild side: then we will get real and into action:" write your own ticket"; destiny beckons!

Caroline Hilliker

Caroline Hilliker
  • I have a pragmatic and can do approach, I am seen as energetic and positive
  • I am a confident and skilled facilitator
  • I am able to quickly build rapport and put people at ease
  • I provide feedback assertively to people in a way that makes it easy for them to understand and accept
  • I pride myself on my integrity and good judgement
  • I work well with a wide range of different types of individuals and organisations

Louise Eyles

Louise Eyles
  • I am hugely optimistic and believe that there’s a solution out there even if it takes a while to find it.
  • I have a can do nature that reassures people and gives them a sense of possibility.
  • I’m trusting of the goodness of human nature, and the potential that we all have to grow and develop. (...although I do struggle with parking attendants)
  • I’m clear thinking, and can see through confusion. People say that I help them to see the wood for the trees.
  • I work hard and set myself high standards.

Rob Brown

Rob Brown
  • I have a relaxed style that doesn't stop me from getting to the heart of the matter
  • I like to use experiences rather than theory as the starting point for learning
  • I enjoy humour and use it well
  • I bring pace and energy without tension
  • I work with the whole person - I like to observe people at work and help them understand the effects of how they currently operate
  • I have a strong business background, and use this to ensure all my work is commercially focused

Fiona Adams

Fiona Adams
  • I am interested in finding the right solution, for you,  your business and your people.
  • Adopting a balanced and flexible approach with a sense of humour.
  • Encouraging consultation and collaboration to find the right solution
  • Focussed and enthusiastic with the ability to stay on track and deliver at speed.
  • An energetic and positive HR and Diversity specialist, with over 20 years expertise gained with Barclays PLC and - client companies.
  • Expertise in designing HR and Diversity policies and training solutions, managing and facilitating workshops, including; Assessment and Development Centres, Work/life Balance, Job Sharing and Flexible Working, Constructive Feedback and Customer Diversity.

Jackie Henry

Jackie Henry
  • I work with sensitivity and courage, inviting individuals to fully develop who they are meant to be.
  • I talk with people in a way that explores the current situation and increases their perspective as to the sheer possibilities of their leadership capacity and personal potential. This enables individuals to create the optimum conditions to achieve their goals.
  • I work best with clients who are going through a critical time of transition and change or those who find themselves at a crossroads.
  • I coach people at critical junctions in their lives and careers, when it is vital that you are insightful, confident and flexible enough to rise to the challenge of change.
  • My background is drawn from a wide variety of business and commercial settings, and I am a Pg Dip Integrative Psychotherapist, Coach and Coach Supervisor

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